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Understanding Window Labels

National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certified products are independently tested, certified, and labeled to help you make the best purchase decision for your needs. While the ENERGY STAR label tells you if a product is energy-efficient, the NFRC label helps you compare between energy-efficient products by breaking down a product’s energy performance. The NFRC label helps you compare between energy-efficient windows, doors, and skylights by providing you with energy performance ratings in multiple categories. U-Factor measures how well a product can keep heat from escaping from the inside of a room. The lower the number, the better a product is at keeping heat in. Range: 0.20–1.20 Look for: Low numbers Solar Heat Gain Coefficient measures how well a product can resist unwanted heat gain, which is especially important during summer cooling season. The lower the number, the less you’ll spend on cooling. Range: 0–1 Look for: Low numbers Visible Transmittance measures [...]

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Look Out for Kids® Window Safety

Children see the world’s wonder before they may see its dangers. By following these basic safety tips from Andersen Windows, you can help prevent injuries related to windows and doors. DOS -Close and lock windows. -Position beds and other furniture away from windows. --Keep blinds, cords, drapes, etc. out of children’s reach. Consider installing window opening control devices or window guards. -Keep patio doors, storm doors and entrance doors locked. -Consider window placement when landscaping your home. Plant shrubs under windows. -Develop a family escape plan. -Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are in working condition. DON'TS -Don't leave young children unsupervised. -Don't depend on insect screens to keep children from falling out of windows. -Don't apply energy-efficient films and coverings to windows designated in your family emergency plan as escape or rescue windows. -Don't paint, nail or weatherstrip windows shut. -Don't forget about window [...]

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Home Contractors Guide

 The ultimate guide for dealing with home contractorsAre you looking to hire someone to build an addition? Remodel your kitchen? Well, close your laptop and open your front door, says the folks from HOUZZ.Many people will jump on the Internet and search for contractors, but it’s better to start your search by asking neighbors, friends, and family — people you trust. During the peak remodeling season, it’s hard not to notice the parade of construction vans and trucks. Stop by and ask your neighbors about their project, its progress, and how it compares with what the contractor promised.Only after you’ve exhausted this resource should you turn to the Internet. And then it should be to contact an industry organization for advice such as the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, which lists providers by specialty.Once you’ve pared down your list to at least four names, do background checks. The Better [...]

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Hot Weather Tips for Windows

Easy upgrades to keep cool this summer from This Old House We value windows for their transparency, the way their panes let in light and give us a view of the outdoors. But those panes of glass are also transparent to heat, as anyone who’s stepped into a greenhouse on a sunny day can attest. In winter, we relish the way incoming sunlight warms our bodies and surroundings. It’s a different story in summer, when the solar heat streaming through windows—particularly those on the south- and west-facing sides of a house—turns rooms into saunas. Here are some ways to halt that heat gain and be more comfortable when temperatures soar: Consider solar shades. These light-blocking, polyester-coated mesh screens can be installed inside or out, either as fixed panels or with retractable roll-up mechanisms. They come with different mesh counts; the higher the count, the more heat is kept out, but [...]

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