Masonite® Performance Door System

Close with Confidence

The Masonite® Performance Door System provides durability and longevity with premium fiberglass doors that don’t rot, warp or crack, making them low maintenance and virtually weatherproof. These doors are supported by frames that never rot, mold or swell, and that are resistant to both the heat and cold. Every Masonite® exterior fiberglass door, with our 4-Point Performance Seal, is 64% better* at  keeping air and water out than the leading competitor. That means homeowners get better protection from the elements and enhanced energy efficiency. Performance you can count on not only means happier customers, but also fewer callbacks and claims, saving you the time and money spent on costly replacements.  Masonite makes protecting homes and doors easy thanks to our 10-year replacement warranty.

*In a certified test by a third party, the Masonite Performance Door System lasted significantly longer in more extreme weather conditions than the leading competitor, which failed to perform in moderate conditions. Door systems were exposed to 8″ of rainfall and wind speeds corresponding with the DP (Design Pressure) in 23-minute-long trials. Tests performed by Architectural Testing, Inc. and Intertek company.

Performance Door System Video and Brochure