DuraStyle™ Exterior Wood Doors

YOUR NEW WOOD DOOR IS BEAUTIFUL.    Our job is to help keep it looking just like new. That’s why we created AquaSeal™, a proprietary Masonite technology that provides a barrier of clear protection against water, moisture and the elements.

In an unsealed wood door, water seeps in around the glass and panels, which can lead to damage in the form of cracking, splitting, delamination, bowing or warping of your wood door. AquaSeal™ technology goes on clear and seals the edges of wood panels and glass inserts to protect against water penetration. The sealant is both paintable and stainable.  AquaSeal can deliver up to 22 times the protection against water penetration compared to exterior wood doors without AquaSeal™, comes with a 5-year* limited warranty and preserves the door’s natural beauty.

No overhang?  No problem.  Our Torrefied species come with a 20 year warranty, no overhang required.  That’s why we apply AquaSeal™ to every single DuraStyle™ exterior wood door. A wood door isn’t truly finished until it’s been AquaSealed.