The 4 Stages of a Remodel: The Honeymoon Phase

Courtesy of HOUZZ Prepare for the fast-paced progress of demolition — and the potentially jolting slowdown of structural issues As with anything in life, a remodeling project can come with its ups and downs. Certain phases seem to go a mile a minute, while others feel like they’ve lasted a lifetime and a half, all while it looks as though nothing is being completed. Fear not — this is pretty typical. And, while every project is different, a good portion of renovations have four major phases, what I’m calling the Honeymoon, the Midproject Crisis, the Renewal of Vows and the Happily Ever After. For now, let’s take a closer look at the Honeymoon phase of renovating. After weeks of searching for a remodeler in your area, calling references, checking out their Houzz profile and working toward an agreeable price, you say, “I do,” sign the contract, finalize the design and [...]